Old Bay fanatics – overseas version

July 7, 2009

old bay

Old Bay seasoning.  You can’t talk about crabs in Maryland without talking about Old Bay.  You can befriend it on Facebook, follow it on Twitter and join it’s fan club on the Old Bay web site http://www.oldbay.com

This is kind of respulsive, but here are what some people in other countries  have to say:

Bouttemont, Rennes Other
We use old bay also in french reciepe ! That is great with our french seafood too ! i will try it in a french way of cooking a crab cake !

Sarah, Notts UK
Sprinkle over shelled, raw, large king prawns (shrimp) and then griddle or BBQ until pink.

Lexie, Toronto Ontario Canada
We use Old Bay on almost everything; from chicken to fish to ribs and for oven-baked potato fries, veggies and dips. Love the taste.

Katelyn, Sherborne, Dorset England
I use it on almost everything to help with the homesickness, but I am really loving turning plain chips to crab chips!!

One comment

  1. I had a can of OB with me when I lived in Wales. I’d use it on popcorn. But mostly, I would do what Katelyn did… use it to alleviate homesickness.

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