Crab-flavored pretzels and crab pretzel militia

July 9, 2009

crab pretzels pretzelphoria

From the manufacturer:

Close your eyes, see that big platter of steamed crabs, a cold beer…life is good! These pretzels bring you right to the Chesapeake Bay and give you the spices that make crabs so wonderful.


It doesn’t list the ingredients.  My guess is that they taste like Old Bay, not crabs.

Semiotic note: I don’t think sand makes for a very appetizing accompaniment.

The company’s name is Pretzelphoria.

Fun with etymology:
Pretzel – German Brezel, ultimately from Latin brachiatus having branches like arms, from brachium arm

-phoria –  from the Greek pherein to bear

So Pretzelphoria means to bear arms.  Attack!


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