Culinary Crab™ – Phillips’ patented fake crab gets a name

October 23, 2010

From their patent attorneys’ web site:
Sterne Kessler worked with Phillips Foods to obtain a patent and register a trademark for its new product, the Culinary Crab™.

When Phillips Foods developed a less expensive alternative to a jumbo lump of crab meat, a formed lump of crab, they knew competitors would soon realize the demand in the market for such a product. Immediately, Phillips Foods called upon Sterne Kessler to protect its process and product as valuable assets. We searched and reviewed the closest prior art to craft the broadest possible patent protection for the method of manufacturing a formed lump of crab meat. We also worked with Phillips Foods to register the catchy trademark of Culinary Crab™ for the product.


Phillips patented a method to process scraps of crab meat into pieces that look identical to actual jumbo lump crab meat. And now we have a name for this monstrosity – Culinary Crap™, ur, Crab.






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