Live Crab Vending Machines

October 24, 2010

The Chinese have come out with live crab vending machines. This blows my mind.

From Eater.Com

One Shanghai Hairy Crab costs between the equivalent of US $1.50 to $7.50, depending on how large it is. The machine, which is kept at a temperature which cause the crabs to go into hibernation, guarantees live crabs. Get a dead one, they’ll give you three for free. Sure enough, the reporter in the video below gets a feisty one.

Great. Now I have a crab. What the hell am I going to do with it? Okay, Phillips, here is your opportunity to redeem yourself for  the Franken-crab process you invented. Sure, selling live crabs is easy, just keep them really cold and they hibernate. The next obvious step would be a vending machine that steams and seasons them.

I have an even better concept. Convert one of those horrible claw machines where you try to pick up a prize in the glass case. In this case you would pick up your crab and drop him into a steamer.


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